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Language Arts Web is a high school English course & resource.

What can you expect from this course?

This course is designed to give students of English numerous opportunities to improve their reading and writing skills in an Internet setting, as well as introduce them to classic book titles and articles that possess an inherent interest value for teens.

We will explore several different types of texts: novels, plays, short stories, poems.  In addition, we will read essays, articles, charts, maps, graphs, dictionary entries, and reviews, thus integrating the study of fiction and non-fiction.

Products will include: scrapbooks, tables, charts, letters, essays, PowerPoint presentations, character studies, talking points, web pages, etc.

Furthermore, we will participate in polls, contribute to forums, make oral presentations, engage in class debates, use email, read blogs, join wikis, and much, much more...

To get started, please submit a vitals survey and a student tech poll.  Then, visit the calendar page to get your assignment for each day.  Keep working at your own pace, but respect deadlines.

Students will need to continue their in-class assignments at home every night. 

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